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About The GateHouse


Situated at No. 1, North Road, The GateHouse, is a mock-Tudor building built about 1900 around an existing inn (see photographs).

The GateHouse has a thriving theatre "Upstairs at The Gatehouse"

The auditorium that now houses the theatre was opened in 1895 as "a place suitable for balls, Cinderellas and Concerts" and its various uses have included a Victorian Music Hall, a cinema, a Masonic Lodge and a venue for amateur dramatics.

There may have been an inn here as early as 1337 and there is certainly a record of licensing in1670.

Byron and Dickens were but two of its famous patrons.

There are two parish boundary signs on the wall outside.

The routes, where cattle were driven, met here and this later became the boundary between Hornsey and St. Pancras.

It is thought that the actual boundary ran through the centre of the bar!

The current boundary between Camden and Haringey runs down the centre of the High Street.

It is said that when the main hall was used as a court room, a rope was stretched across it to make sure prisoners couldn't cross from one borough to another!

There used to be an archway in this location, which can be viewed in the slides below.

The Highgate Arch and its upper rooms extended from The GateHouse Tavern to the old burying ground.

The Arch was d
emolished 1769.

Its l
ast occupant was a laundress.

As waggons became more and more laden, it became more difficult for them to pass underneath The Arch, hence its eventual demise.

Many of the coaches and country waggons had to go through The Inn yard.

The Assembly Room was eventually built on the Gate House yard.

(A similar Gate was at The Spaniards Inn and the original Toll Gate building has just recently been renovated there.)

Click through these great slides of The Gate House through the years!
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