Blue & Brown Plaque Buildings Hampstead - HAMPSTEAD HEATH - 2016***

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Blue & Brown Plaque Buildings Hampstead

Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher(1890–1962) statistician and geneticist, NW3 7EU
Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher (1890–1962), statistician and geneticist, Inverforth House, North End Way, NW3 7EU

Joanna Baillie (1762–1851) Bolton House
Poet, dramatist, and one of the first women to get a blue plaque

Henrietta Barnett, Heath End House, NW3 7JE
Dame Henrietta Barnett (1851–1936) Founder of Hampstead Garden Suburb

Sir Walter Besant, 18 Frognal Gardens
Sir Walter Besant (1836–1901), novelist and antiquary, 18 Frognal Gardens, NW3 6XA

Robert Polhill Bevan, 14 Adamson Road
Robert Polhill Bevan (1865–1925), Camden Town Group Painter, 14 Adamson Road, NW3 3HR

Arthur Bliss, 1 East Heath Rd
Arthur Bliss (1891–1975), composer, East Heath Lodge, 1 East Heath Road, NW3 1BN

Dennis Brain, 37 Frognal
Dennis Brain (1921–1957), horn-player, 37 Frognal, NW3 6YD

Richard Burton, 6 Lyndhurst Rd
Richard Burton (1925–1984), actor, 6 Lyndhurst Road, NW3 5PX

John Constable, 40 Well Walk
John Constable (1776–1837), painter, 40 Well Walk, NW3 1BX

Sir Henry Dale, Mount Vernon House
Sir Henry Dale (1875–1968), physiologist, Mount Vernon House, Mount Vernon, NW3 6QR

David Devant, Ornan Court
David Devant (1868–1941), magician, flat 1, Ornan Court, Ornan Road, NW3 4PT

George du Maurier, 28 Hampstead Grove
George Du Maurier (1834–1896), New Grove House, 28 Hampstead Grove, NW3 6SP

Sir Gerald du Maurier, 14 Cannon Place
Sir Gerald Du Maurier (1873–1934), actor-manager, Cannon Hall, 14 Cannon Place, NW3 1EH
Rabindranath Tagore, Villas on the Heath
Rabindranath Tagore (1861–1941), Indian poet, 3 Villas on the Heath, Vale of Health, NW3 1BA

Sir Harry Vane, Vane House, Rosslyn Hill
Sir Harry Vane (1612–1662), statesman, Vane House, Rosslyn Hill, NW3 5UN

Michael Ventris, 19 North End
Michael Ventris (1922–1956), architect and decipherer of linear B script, 19 North End, NW3 7HR

Baron Friedrich von Hügel, 4 Holford Rd
Baron Friedrich von Hügel (1852–1925), theologian, 4 Holford Road, NW3 1AD

Beatrice and Sidney Webb, 1 Netherhall Gardens
Beatrice (1858–1943) and Sidney Webb (1859–1947), social scientists and political reformers, 1 Netherhall Gardens, NW3 5RS

Sir Henry Wood, 4 Elsworthy Rd
Sir Henry Wood (1869–1944), musician, 4 Elsworthy Road, NW3 3DJ
John Passmore Edwards, 51 Netherhall Gardens
John Passmore Edwards (1823–1911), journalist, editor and builder of free public libraries lived here, 51 Netherhall Gardens, NW3 5RJ

Kathleen Ferrier, Frognal Mansions
Kathleen Ferrier (1912–1953), contralto, 97 Frognal, NW3 6XT

Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud, 20 Maresfield Gardens
Sigmund Freud (1819–1898), founder of psychoanalysis, and Anna Freud (1895–1982), pioneer of child psychoanalysis, 20 Maresfield Gardens, NW3 5SX

Sir George Gilbert Scott, Admiral's House
Sir George Gilbert Scott, (1811–1878), architect, Admiral's House, Admiral's Walk, NW3 6RS

Cecil Sharp, 4 Maresfield Gardens
Cecil Sharp (1859–1924), collector of English folk songs and dances, 4 Maresfield Gardens, NW3 5SU

Richard Norman Shaw, 6 Ellerdale Rd
Richard Norman Shaw (1831–1912), architect, 6 Ellerdale Road, NW3 6BD

Alastair Sim, 8 Frognal Gardens
Alastair Sim (1900–1976), actor, 8 Frognal Gardens, NW3 6UX

Edith Sitwell, Hampstead High St
Edith Sitwell, (1887–1964), poet, flat 42, Greenhill, Hampstead High Street, NW3 5TY

Alfred Stevens, 9 Eton Villas
Alfred Stevens (1818–1875), architect, 9 Eton Villas, NW3 5SX
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