Cohen's Field Pond - HAMPSTEAD HEATH - 2016***

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Cohen's Field Pond

It has been the policy of City Of London to retain and gather the Heath's surface water, rather than  letting it drain away.

There are two more obvious man-made ponds on The Heath.

The first is by the side of the upper Cohen's Field, beyond Athlone House, and the second more recent pond is in the part of the meadow below The Tumulus and just above The Highgate Model Boat Pond.

Other such work is also planned for West Heath, where light and shade will also be a consideration, and the work will be around the area of The Leg Of Mutton Pond and the boggy areas just before it.

These works assist the environment of The Heath and will, hopefully, add richer flora and fauna for the enjoyment and study of young and old.

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