Constable's Firs - HAMPSTEAD HEATH - 2016***

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Constable's Firs


Constable painted many scenes from Hampstead Heath as can be seen in the Constable slides section of this web.

One of the more famous drawings was a "pencil on paper" representation of "Fir Trees at Hampstead". (1820).

The author has done some exploration and believes that there are two possible locations, where Constable painted firs.

At the side of the Viaduct Path, which can be reached from Spaniards Road, opposite Whitestone Pond  .

On the right hand side, a few yards down this path, is a row of trees.

Three of these are pine trees and thought to be the last survivors of the ones that Constable painted.

The second location is The old Firs Avenue which ran from a house, called The Firs, built by a Mr. Turner, a tobacconist of Fleet Street, who planted the avenue of Scotch firs close to The Spaniards Road at Heath End.

The original Firs Avenue no longer exists but there are TWO large Pine Trees at the end of Sandy Road, close to Heath End, which are possibly the remaining trees of those that Constable painted.

Mr. Turner  made the roadway across The Heath, from The Firs to the pleasant hamlet of North End and Golder's Green, on the slope of the hill looking towards Hendon.

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