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Elms Extension

The Elms Extension ~

There is an interesting area that can be reached from just inside The Kenwood Estate side of The Westfield Gate.

The area once belonged to The Elms and is an area of woodland and wild shrubbery that extends up to the current fenced off boundary area of The Elms  and thence into the pathways and woodland that meets the Ikin Gate.

If the iron railings are followed from Westfield Gate, on the Kenwood side up towards The Elms, with East Heath on the left, there are still old neglected terraces and wild gardens to observe as well as some very tall Leylandii trees which stretch up into the sky.

Taking The Elms Gate, from The Hockey Field, down on the right of the path is a clump of firs containing some old walling. Its origin is unknown but it is probably a garden feature of the old Elms Garden.

You will pass an unmarked gate, by the side of the field known as The Hockey Field (near the Springett's Wood gate), as you travel in this direction.

The Gate is actually known as Kenwood's "The Elms Gate."

If, instead of following the railings on the Kenwood side, but rather going through The Elms Gate and following the path upwards (towards the Spaniards Road) with The Hockey Field on the left a small bolted gate can be observed on the right, through which is an area where conservation work is being conducted by City Of London.

(The slides below show all these features)

The Elms Extension and Gate
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