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Andy Overall is Group Leader of The London Fungus Group.

He tells us about his website,, which is full of details about talks and walks (known as forays).

Melanoleuca grammopodia (with 50p)
Agaricus impudicus

There is also plenty of information and description about the fungi that grow on Hampstead Heath.

Andy states:
Fungi to be with"
was formed in the early 1990's to fulfill a role that up until that time and even now is scarcely covered. That role was to help the interested people of Greater London and the home counties, with an emphasis on fungi, connect/reconnect with the natural environment surrounding them."

Meripilus giganteus 'Giant Polypore' (young). Note the blackening of the flesh
Laetiporus sulphureus-'Chicken of the woods (young)

Andy runs Forays and workshops throughout the year, details of which you can find on his website

All forays start at 10am and finish around 2pm. (Except for the Breakfast Foray - 8.30am start)
Workshops begin at 10am and finish around 4.30pm - Inc. 2 hour foray.

You can email Andy at or call him on 0208 458 0652 or 07958 786 374 for details.

Fungitobewith is reaching out to the general public and offering an enlightening, entertaining and insightful introduction to the fascinating and increasingly important world of fungi

 Boletus radicans
Amanita gemmata - 'The Jewelled Amanita'
Cortinarius nolaneiformis

The main aim of the forays is to gain practical experience in the identifying of different species of fungi, especially the common edible and poisonous ones. It is essential that all those who take part respect the regulations operating in the areas where the forays are held.

Andy Overall has just discovered a rare species of fungus, a Cortinarius, in a fenced off area on the west bank of the Mixed Bathing Pond.

The species was deposited at Kew and went through DNA analysis and compared with DNA sequences of a widely spread, mainland European species, Cortinarius nolaneiformis with which it had a near perfect match.   

It is new to Britain. 

 (see picture opposite, which is of the Cortinarius nolaneiformis)

Some Fungi the author has spotted on The Heath
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