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Hampstead WW1 Introduction

THE HEATH AT WAR! (1914 - 1918)
Introduction and Recruitment

On August 4th, 1914, Britain declared war on Germany and so began the war of all wars: "THE GREAT FIRST WORLD WAR"!

On 1 July 1916, the British and French attempted a mass infantry attack on German lines along the north bank of the River Somme.
Almost a quarter of a million shells were fired at German positions in an hour that morning.
The noise of this massive barrage was so intense it could be heard on Hampstead Heath.

Fred Taylor's poster attempts to encourage patriotism and recruitment in the safe residential area of Hampstead.

Army recruitment was at a low in the summer of 1915 so a National Registration Act was created whereby all men aged fifteen to sixty-five had to register their details.
In 1916, The Military Service Act was born whereby all men between eighteen and fourty-one were compelled to enlist.

The cost of War was forever increasing so War Bonds and Saving Certificates were introduced.
Tanks toured the country to raise funds.
The picture above (left) shows one in Hampstead where Gerald DuMaurier and the then mayor are fundraising.
The picture above (right) shows a programme for an event intended to raise money for The Hampstead War Memorial (situated at the junction of Spaniards Road and North End Way.)

Following German submarine blockades, which reduced food imports, rationing was introduced in 1918

The Government and local councils opened National Kitchens, which served nutritious meals at low cost.

Visitors would exchange money for tokens which would buy them a meal.

The Central Baths on Finchley Road was used as the main cooking site in Hampstead.

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