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The "Hampstead Heath Constabulary" is a group of twelve constables with six trained police dogs all licensed to ACPO standard. They have been responsible for patrolling the park 24 hours a day since 1992.

They are attested as constables under Article 18 of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government Provisional Order Confirmation (Greater London Parks and Open Spaces) Act 1967.

This authorises them to enforce the Hampstead Heath bylaws. They enjoy full powers of a constable when in their jurisdiction and have a good working partnership with the local Metropolitan Police.

Any significant incidents or crimes on the Heath are handed over to the Metropolitan Police, the territorial police force for Greater London.

In addition to being sworn in as constables, under the Ministry of Housing Act, Heath constables are also appointed constables under section 16 of the Corporation of London Open Spaces Act 1878, which gives them the powers and privileges of a constable within City of London Open Spaces.

The Hampstead Heath Constabulary has been responsible for patrolling Hampstead Heath, Golders Hill Park and the HeathExtension since 1992.

They are called upon to enforce the byelaws, common law and criminal law ,protection of City of London property and to provide a rapid response to any incident that may threaten the enjoyment of all Heath users.

City Of London also have a page where you can report any vandalism or anti-social behaviour

Constabulary Emergency Number: 020 8340 5260

(right: Taken on a cold March 5th morning! Busy apprehending a tent pitcher near Hampstead Ponds.)

If you plan to visit The Heath try not to carry valuables or leave them in your vehicle, tell someone where you are going and what time you intend to come home, where possible walk with a friend and be aware of your surroundings.

Cycle on designated routes only and respect the bylaws!

The Hampstead Heath byelaws and other useful information can be viewed by clicking on this text

The Constabulary operates 365 days a year.The aim is to provide a professional,efficient and effective Constabulary,ensuring that the Heath remains free from antisocial behaviour and the fear of crime.

Back in the Good Old Days, Hampstead Heath still had its rules and regulations as well as the occasional loss of offspring!

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