Highgate Hill and Village - HAMPSTEAD HEATH - 2016***

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Highgate Hill and Village

Highgate Hill & Village ~
Highgate Hill commences at The Archway Underground Station, passing The Bank and then becoming The High Street and Highgate Village

Vintage Highgate Village pictures

The Old Forge, 1894 (courtesy of Ian Willis changara18@bluesteelfs.com)
Ian tells the author:

"That picture has been with our family since 1913 when the old butchers shop shut down and re-opened as an Ironmongers establishment, C.G. Willis and son. 

It was later run by my Grandfather, Albert Thomas Willis having been the son of C.G. Willis. 

Due to events in the 1st WW, the nephew of the original C.G. Willis was killed at Ypres on 1st Nov 1914 and just 11 days later my father was born at no.62 and ended up being named Cuthbert Gordon Willis in memory of his missed Uncle. 

So he became the son in the name of the establishment.

I was born in Scotland due to the war but my home at that time was 42 Highstreet Highgate next to Townsends Yard, quite a famous spot. 
My father moved to Rhodesia in 1947 and we followed in November of that year returning briefly in 1953 and soon after that the Establishment was sold and eventually became Café Nero. 
Sadly the building was recently damaged by a lorry and I don’t know if there are plans to rebuild the front Awning. It would be very sad to see that left the way it is shown in the latest picture I have seen."
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