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The author received an interesting email from Paul Willis of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, regarding a distant cousin of his Edward Betts Hopper who lived in a house on Hampstead Heath in the 1830s, apparently.

Hopper became a "director of The New Zealand Company which was set up to colonize New Zealand, to advertise for and to transport tradesmen from England.

Hopper travelled to Wellington in 1840 but tragically died in a boating accident on the Hutt river in September of the same year.

In attempting to locate just where the Hopper house was local historian, Michael Hammerson, comments: “Highgate from Hampstead Heath” (see image below) suggests to me that the view is from somewhere in the Kentish town fields area, given the angle from which St Michael’s is seen.

The big house in front of it, which may be Ashurst House on Highgate Hill, which I don’t think had been demolished yet, or Parkfield where Witanhurst now is

However, the line of West Hill isn’t discernible, unless it was hidden in the valleys somehow, and I get the feeling the drawing isn’t 100% accurate and to scale anyway!

The view of a house down a slope does have a Vale-of-Heath sort of air to it, though there are plenty of other slopes in the area."
(see below a contemporary drawing of The Vale Of Health in the early nineteenth century)

You can see Hopper's Will and some details about his ancestry in the link here PDF

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