Ikin Gate - HAMPSTEAD HEATH - 2016***

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Ikin Gate

The IKIN Gate

Entrance to Kenwood House lies on the Spaniards Road, just beyond the Spaniards Inn, between Mount Tyndal (refering to Sir Nicholas Tindal, Chief Justice, who occupied Erskine House for a period) and The Elms.

(see City Of London Map for location)

The pathway leads through parts of North Wood and eventually emerges on the pathway at the top of West Meadow, quite near the junction leading to Kenwood House in one direction and The Dairy and Farm House in the other.

Ikin's Corner

Christopher W (Kit) Ikin was a quirky Solicitor and Local Historian who lived at the corner of Wildwood Rise and Wildwood Road, by Ikin's Corner.
(near The Bull and Bush public house)

Kit was a great voice in persuading the GLC to get a strip of land from the Regional Hospitals Board to provide a footpath into Kenwood from near the Spaniards.

The original idea of putting a gate opposite the Spaniards being ruled out because (a) it was too dangerous a place to cross Hampstead Lane and (b) there was too steep a slope down from the road.

The new gate was opened in 1972 and named after him.

Kit was very involved with The Heath & Old Hampstead Society and wrote our booklet "Hampstead Heath - How the Heath was saved for the public"

(with thanks to Tony Ghilchik of The Heath and Hampstead Society)

Ikin Gate entrance to Kenwood

(see the slides below)

Kenwood's IKIN GATE, leading to West Meadow
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