Matthew Lindsay - HAMPSTEAD HEATH - 2016***

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Matthew Lindsay

Hampstead Heath

There is a place where as children we played over rolling hills games of Robin Hood
Then tired among long grass we’d lay before trekking on through to the ancient wood
Hampstead Heath

Wearing a watch was a waste of time with the temporary loss of our worries and cares
The shades of summer such a memory shrine though I retuned in the winter when the trees were bare
Hampstead Heath

A box of matches and a few old sticks made the fire burn whilst the sun went down*
Then along came strangers we all seemed to mix, sharing the warmth we all gathered round
Hampstead heath

We lived in our hearts without a queen or a king
When sleep was for dreamers and the wanting of things
We’ve left behind songs for the forests to sing
Hampstead Heath

We awoke from society’s broken machine
Felt free to live life amid the vastness of greens
We went walking as virgins into wonderland scenes
Hampstead Heath

Some of my memories have been captured in lines
I’m hoping my children will read this in time
Then head north to the heath whilst it’s still in its prime
Hampstead Heath

M, J, Lindsay, 1999 ©

(* The starting of fires of any kind on Hampstead Heath is strictly forbidden)

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