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Extends from Hampstead Lane, where it commences today as the tarmac path between the Kenwood Kitchen Garden and the Kenwood Stables.

(The very top portion, below the old Kenwood Stable Building, is still known as "Nightingale Lane").

This path then turns to the right, towards the Stable Field Gate, and then bears to the left, down the side of the Kenwood Estate.

It passes Kenwood's "Millfield Gate" and stretches down the side of the upper Cohen's Field hedgerow to that field's lower end, by the Goodison Fountain.

(Millfield Lane used to mark the boundary between Fitzroy Park and Kenwood)

The narrow lane then continues on past the other side of the lower Cohen's Field and onwards past the rear of The Highgate Ponds.

It continues by the Stock Pond, (where there is a path to the right upwards to Highgate Gate), the rear of the Kenwood Ladies' Bathing Pond and then at a slightly higher level, above the Bird Sanctuary Pond continues on above the Model Boating Pond and the Highgate Mens' Bathing Pond.

Behind the Highgate No. 1 Pond, Millfield Lane reaches a junction with Fitzroy Park and Merton Lane.

It then becomes a public road, finally meeting West Hill Court and then entering Highgate West Hill, opposite Langbourne Avenue.

It is said that  Keats and Coleridge used to meet in Millfield Lane and listen to the nightingales here.

(see the City-Of_London Map to establish its exact whereabouts)

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