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North End Station ~

The station was to have been built at North End on the boundaries of Hampstead Heath and its remains are located between Hampstead and Golders Green, in Hampstead Way.

Tunnelling began in 1903 and initially plans for the construction of the station continued to the extent that the larger diameter station tunnels and low level passageways were excavated.

Because of the need to demolish a lot of residential property, it was soon realized that passenger use would be very much diminished.

Pressure from local residents means it was never opened, and the crest of the hill descending into Golders Green remains an exclusive, quiet suburb, with blue plaques for Anna Pavlova and Evelyn Waugh.

During World War Two it was used to store secret archives with access only available from the cabs of passing service trains.

It was originally planned to be the deepest station on the whole Underground network, at 200 feet below ground level.

During the 1950s, there was a rumour that this station depths might be used for an Emergency Headquarters, in the event of a nuclear war.

Access to the station from the surface is in the form of a spiral staircase.

One of the station's uses was proposed at one time to be a control centre for the Underground's floodgate system, which could be operated in the event of an underground fracture and Thames water flooding.

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