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Old Bull & Bush

Old Bull and Bush ~

Situated in North End Way, (NW3 7HE) this pub is thought to have been a farm house, originally.

The original building was a farmhouse, licensed to sell ale in 1721.

William Hogarth used to drink his ale here, and was said to have planted by his own hand the yew bower in the garden.

Thomas Gainsborough was reputed to have said "What a delightful little snuggery is this said Bull and Bush." In the 1890s it was renowned for its gardens and music, and in the Edwardian era it became even more popular, as it was a favourite place for East Londoners on a day out in the "country".

It was made famous again by the 15 stone favourite of the music halls, Florrie Forde, with her song Down at the Old Bull & Bush. She once said "Men don't like thin women.

They prefer plumpness, pep and personality". I'm not sure many would agree with her now.

The inn was patronized by such notables as Gainsborough, Garrick and Reynolds.

It is the same pub alluded to in Florrie Forde's music-hall song, 'Down At The Old Bull and Bush'
with lines like:
“Come, come, come and make eyes at me down at the Old Bull and Bush'.

(Historical pictures below with modern day slides at the bottom of this page)

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