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The following links connect to British Pathe and there are some interesting clips of Hampstead Heath in the past years.
When the box pops up, just click on "play" and use the small EXPAND square, at the bottom of the panel to play full screen.

Sound File of Hampstead Heath Fair, 1939

THE FAIR AT Hampstead Heath was a major holiday fixture for Londoners during the first half of the 20th century, with 200,000 visitors in 1910 and a visit from Queen Alexandria in 1920.
s a wide range of sounds including the regular ding of a test your strength bell, voices and whistling from passersby, and showmen touting shies and lotteries.

Heath Fair, 1939
Fortune Teller at Heath Fair

One curiosity is the whine of a miniature siren belonging to one of the fariground rides.
Of particular interest is the voice of showman running a weight-guessing pitch.

Weight-guessing was recorded as a street occupation by Henry Mayhew in London Labour and the London Poor in the mid-nineteenth century, typically occurring outside major railway stations.
Weight-guessing was also an early example of the human voice becoming automated.
I Speak Your Weight machines began to be produced in the early 1930s by the British Automatic Co. Ltd. and other manufacturers.
A shellac disc inside the machine bore voice recordings, and the customers weight made a needle move to the start of the appropriate track and begin playing.

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