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The two entrances are off Hampstead Lane, just beyond the main entrance to Inverforth House and before the Stable Gate entrance to the Kenwood Estate.
The Kenwood Orchard is no longer functional and is overgrown by natural foliage.
There is a small conservation pond on the left as one walks along the Orchard path towards Cohen's Field.
It still makes a pleasant stroll.

The area where The Orchard now is was originally part of The Fitzroy Estate and was bought by The Earl Of Mansfield in 1840.

An 1870 map shows it as an orchard.

Apples and pears were mainly grown.

It was purchased by The LCC in 1923

The Orchard largely consists of shady rows of semi-mature or mature planted trees with a number of coppice hazel and ash areas in the open zones between these.

There are beech and redwood trees and, between them, a mixture of planted hazel and ash coppice along with some low-growing scrub.

Three lime trees and one pollarded horse chestnut occupy the furthest south-western point.

A large standing dead veteran oak can be found along the fence line in the north-east of the orchard.

There are sycamores, holly bushes and box hedge.


Kenwood House Orchard Scenes
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