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Queen's Wood details


Lies in the London borough of Haringey and is situated in north London, north of Highgate Station, in the area within the section Wood Lane Muswell Hill Road and Onslow Gardens.

The Wood is managed by Haringey Council's Parks Service, with the "Friends of Queen's Wood" voluntary group dealing with the maintenance and conservation of The Wood.

In the nineteenth century Queen's Wood was known as Churchyard Bottom Wood, possibly because of the discovery of bodies from old graves.

The Wood was purchased from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners by Hornsey Council in 1898 and renamed Queen's Wood in honour of Queen Victoria.

It was declared a statutory Local Nature Reserve in 1990.

Entrances are non-gated and are as follows: Onslow Gardens/Connaught Gardens (in the north), Muswell Hill Road (in the west), Upper and lower Wood Vale Road (in the east) and Queen's Wood Road (in the south)

(see map)

Queen's Wood is primarily composed of Oak and Hornbeam but there are a variety of plants and shrubs here.

A small stream crosses the northern portion and this provides an excellent environment for damp woodland species, such as  Goldilocks buttercup (Ranunculus auricomus), wood sorrel (Oxalis acetosella) and the yellow pimpernel (Lysimachia nemorum).

The wood anemone  covers the ground in glorious white in the spring.

The Great Storm of 1987 caused widespread devastion, as it did in the whole area such as Kenwood, etc.

However, this thinned the canopy and allowed light to reach the woodland floor thus creating  glades and subsequent wild shrub development.

Grey squirrels are abundant here, but they can cause considerable damage to the trees.

Crows, magpies, jays, blackbirds, greater spotted woodpeckers, green woodpeckers, blue tits, great tits, robins, sparrows can be found in The Wood.

Also, tree creepers, nuthatches, mallards, song thrushes, wood pigeons, wrens, hawfinches, cuckoos, sparrowhawks, London pigeons and goldcrests make this wonderful place their home.

There is an interesting organic garden, behind The Lodge cafe, which was started in 1998 and is maintained by "Friends of Queen's Wood".

There is plenty to interest both young and old, including a "climbing tree", a frog pool, a witches' coven, family days and volunteers are alway encouraged to join "Friends of Queen's Wood".

For further information on Friends of Queen’s Wood, please contact
John Dorken (Chairman) at

Lucy Roots (Ecology Liaison Officer) at

Alison Watson (Membership) at

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