The Avenue, North End - HAMPSTEAD HEATH - 2016***

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The Avenue, North End

Fir-Tree Avenue:- 

Known also as Firs Avenue, it branches off Sandy Road, quite near to The Spaniards Road (Spaniards End), as shown in the picture below right.
The picture shows Firs House, which was built in 1734 and was divided into three houses in the 1950s, namely the White House, the Chantry and Casa Maria.

The firs at the end of the avenue are sometimes refered to as "Turner's Firs", after the rich draper John Turner who built the original house.

You will note that some of the slides refer to "The Ride".
The Sandy Heath ride forms the first part of Sandy Road at the western side of Spaniards Road.
A "Ride" is defined as a path that is wide enough to allow sunlight to reach the ground.

You can read a City Of London article about this area by clicking the link below:-


This set of albums shows Constable's Firs, close to The Spaniard's Inn and some on the Broad Path, opposite Whitestone Pond as well as The Avenue which branched off Sandy Road

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