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The Grove


Located at the junction of West Hill and South Grove, this expensive strip is set back from the reservoir.

Nos 1 and 2 formed the Mrs. Gallatly ladies' school, The Grove, 1885/6.

No. 2 was also the home of famous actress, Gladys Cooper (1888-1971) and also Sir Yehudi Menuhin until 1983.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge lived at No. 3 (see separate page)

Once called Highgate Green, it then became Pemberton Row, in the mid 17th century.

The Grove stretches from the top of West Hill to Hampstead Lanwe.

The first six houses have Tudor origins and their gardens are on two levels.

Roger Fry was born at number 6, John Drinkwater lived at number 9.

(Sir Roger Fry (1866-1934), one of the Bloomsbury group of artists)

Highgate Green (the Grove) was a large open space between the top of the West Hill and the High Street, and seems to have been the place for the recognised revels of the village.

Highgate Green was surrounded by elm trees of great size and beauty. These houses were first called Pemberton Row, in honour of Sir Francis Pemberton, who resided in the most northerly of them.
and until the late nineteenth century, it was called Quality Walk.
t was well known as a famous promenade on Sunday morning after service, and attracted numerous visitors.

An account of an old fair that used to be held on the Green:-

" Higligate Fair, fuly 2nd, A.D. 1744. This is to give notice, that Highgate Fair will be kept on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next, in a pleasant walk in the middle of the town. On Wednesday a pig will be turned loose, and he who takes it by the tail and throws it over his head shall have it, to pay twopence entrance. On Thursday a match will be run by two men a hundred yards in two sacks for a large sum, and, to encourage sport, the landlord of the ' Mitre ' will give a pair of gloves to be run for by six men, the winner to have them. On Friday, a hat value icw. will be run for by men twelve times round the Green, to pay one shilling entrance, no less than four to start ; as many as will may enter, and the second man to have all the money above four ; no one to be entitled to take the hat that ever won that value."

The Grove
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