Thousand Pound Pond - HAMPSTEAD HEATH - 2016***

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Thousand Pound Pond

Situated at the lower part of the Kenwood Pasture Land and next to the Wood Pond.
The Thousand Pound Pond was formed, with a Sham Bridge (about 1767-1768, rebuilt 1791)

In 1922, Lord Mansfield agreed to sell a further 32 acres, including the woodland and two lakes at £1000 per acre and it MAY be that this is the origin of the "Thousand Pound Pond"

A survey in late 2005 by English Heritage, showed that this and the Wood Pond could collapse due to heavy rainfall and/or one of the mature trees being blown down so, in 2006, work began to create a  "new timber-clad piled dam face carefully hidden behind water plants."
Sluices were also created to allow water levels to be safely managed, and a new facility for the fire brigade to pump water from the pond if there were a fire at Kenwood.
During the work, 17th and 18th century timbers were found at the bottom of the ponds, thought to be from an old mill, possibly.

(see the City-Of_London Map to establish its exact whereabouts)

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