Whitestone Pond - HAMPSTEAD HEATH - 2016***

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Whitestone Pond


Situated between  North End Way and East Heath Road, this is a shallow pond originally used for watering horses after trudging up the hill. (see the history of this pond. )

In 2010, Whitestone Pond underwent extensive alterations. (see Pond Preservation Scheme)

(see the City-Of_London Map to establish its exact whereabouts)

The Pond is 450 feet above sea level and is a shallow man-made pool.

It used to be called The Horse Pond.

It owes its present name to a white milestone, upon which is faintly inscribed "IV Miles from St Giles' Pound; 4 1/2 Miles, 29 yards from Holborn Bars"

It can be found across the road from the pond at the top of Hampstead Grove and Upper Terrace, by Judges Walk.

Left...Triumphal Arch to welcome King William IV in 1835 to visit Kenwood, with Queen Adelaide, The Duke Of Cambridge and The Duke Of Wellington.

The Mansfields gave a "strawberry feast"

There were six carriages and The Arch was erected at the entrance to The Heath, opposite The Whitestone Pond.

The route was decorated with green boughs, flowers and variegated lamps.

The National Anthem was played by the First Life Guards.

His Majesty expressed pleasure in accepting "all classes of the parish and beautiful village of Hampstead."

Seven hundred people were gathered in the grounds of Kenwood.

Music and coloured lights were seen throughout The Heath.

(The last Royal visit to Hampstead had been in 1694, when Queen Mary, wife of William III had passed through the village)

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